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Head To One Of These Epic Party Cruises in NYC

Monday’s come, and you’re here upset that you have to start that communute and head to work. Why? You should always try to have a good outlook for the beginning of the week. Life’s too short to stay grumpy all the time New York; take on your Mondays like a champ.  And after your done being a weekday warrior, celebrate with an after-work party cruise. You might be asking yourself where can you find fun party cruises in NYC after you get out of work. Well you’re in luck, because we have almost everyday of the week lined up with excellent cruises!

Party Cruises in NYC

Weekday Party Cruises in NYC

Whoever said Tuesday’s aren’t for the turnup clearly never heard of our Tuesday After Work Cruise. Get to the Skyport Marina and hop on one of our ships for a night of total weekday debauchery. You’ll get the perfect chance to get rid of those Monday blues with a drink in your hand while looking at some amazing views of that famous New York City skyline. The whole cruise we’ll have a live DJ spinning tracks hotter than a Manhattan summer during rush hour.

Thursday is a very peculiar day of the week. It’s technically the middle of the week, though some would argue the title belongs to Wednesday (And those people would be wrong, the 84th hour of the 168 hour week makes 11:00am Thursday the literal “middle of the week”)  but that’s neither here nor there. The day also seems to move along faster on Thursdays, probably because it’s just over the hump of Wednesday. Yet, it’s still not quite as energetic or exciting as a Friday. That is, until you’ve been to one of our Thursday night party cruises in NYC.

Not tired after you punch out? Good! We have a cruise just for you, the Alive After Five Thursday Happy Hour. It’s not the weekend yet, but it’s close enough, so head to pier 15 and have a little pre-weekend fun. Or, if you’re not quite that alive after five you could always head to the Skyport Marina and get on the Thursday Night Sunset After Work Cruise and party till you forget you have work the next day; just don’t actually miss work the next day.

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It’s Friday!

After a long week of commuting and working those hours away, it’s nice to just hop on that train, stick those headphones in, and just decompress on the way home. But sometimes, going straight home on a Friday just isn’t an option. You catch a case of the after-work energy boost and you just won’t be contempt going home with all that energy. What you should do is go and enjoy one of our relaxing party cruises in NYC. If you’re feeling wired after you’ve clocked out on Friday, our Alive After Five Happy Hour Cruise is right up your alley.

The best part about Friday after work cruises is the environment. You’re on a boat after work having a good time, surrounded by other people who are doing the same thing. Everyone is just unwinding, getting their groove on, and enjoying a drink with a nice view of the sunset.  If this sounds like the type of place you want to be at, then check out the Friday Night Sunset Happy Hour Cruises. This cruise is the perfect place to let your work-mode drift away and let those weekend vibes sink in. Last but not least, we can’t forget the Rock The Yacht Friday Night Cruise, because what doesn’t sound appealing about a Friday, late-night cruise aboard the Hornblower Yacht. Head to Pier 15 to catch one of the best party cruises in NYC.

So now that you know where the best after work cruises are. Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram when you’re coming through to party with us! And while you’re having a blast on one of our cruises, make sure you tag us on all your sweet pics from the night and use the hashtag #ImOnABoat.


HEY! We Also Party on Weekends!

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