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Sights You’ll Enjoy on a New York City Cruise

Curious to know some of the sights that you’ll enjoy on a New York City cruise? There’s no better way to experience this great city than to hop aboard a cruise and sail by the beautiful landmarks. The city is home to some amazing landmarks that you just have to see from a New York City cruise. Watch the city skyline pass you by on a New York City cruise and check out just some of the sights that you’ll enjoy on your cruise!

New York City Cruise Sights

One World Trade CenterNew York City Cruise - One World Trade Center

Your New York City cruise will sail you right past One World Trade Center as you enjoy the largest skyscraper in New York City. Hop on one of our cruises and take in the views of this wonderful landmark. Standing at a remarkable height of 1,792 feet with an all-glass exterior, this building is definitely one sight to witness. The glass exterior of the building reflects the lights of the city around it, creating one beautiful sight to enjoy. Sail on our New York City cruise and enjoy the best view of One World Trade!


The Empire State BuildingNew York City cruise - Empire State Building

You just can’t think of New York City without thinking about the Empire State Building. This well-known landmark of the city has been around for over 70 years now and is still one of the most recognized skyscrapers around. The Empire State Building is always lit up with a theme at night whether it be a holiday or a historical event. Sail on one of our New York City cruises and snap away at this beautiful landmark of the city.


The Brooklyn BridgeNew York City cruise - Brooklyn Bridge

Sail underneath one of the most popular bridges of the city and enjoy the views while you’re at it! The Brooklyn Bridge is one historic landmark that looks even better from the seas. The Brooklyn Bridge connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn and spans across the East River. The bridge is one of the oldest roadway bridges in the United States and is a hybrid cable-stayed suspension bridge. This 1.1 mile-long bridge looks great in person but on our New York City cruise, you definitely will be enjoying the view even more.

Statue of LibertyNew York City cruise - Statue of Liberty

Probably one of the best sights to enjoy on a New York City cruise is of Lady Liberty herself! Of course, this great landmark looks great from afar, but up close it’s even better. Snap away at your views of the Statue of Liberty and experience one of the most historic landmarks of the city like you never have.

These are just some of the sights that you’ll enjoy on our New York City cruise. No matter what day you sail or what the occasion is, the views will be unforgettable. Experience the city from the seas and hop aboard one of our New York City cruises today!

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