The hustle of the busy New York City streets can leave anyone feeling as if they need a little workweek stress-release. From dealing with transportation delays and countless people in the streets, you need something to pick your spirits up. That’s where we come in, New York Cruise Tickets! On our site, you will find some of the best New York cruise ticket deals that you could possibly find. We offer weekly after work cruises, family-friendly cruises, and even special holiday cruises! When you choose to sail with us, you’re guaranteeing that you’re going to have one of the best experiences ever.

Our cruises are all up-to-date modern ships complete with multiple levels, bars on board, LED lighting, and modern sound systems. On our cruise, you can spend your time on any floor and still get the same experience. Not only are our cruises the best party cruises that you could find, but we also give you something a little extra special. When you purchase a ticket to one of our cruises, you are also purchasing the chance to tour around NYC from a unique angle! Catch views of the beautiful city skyline, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, and many more important landmarks. Your New York Cruise Tickets purchase is going to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

New York Cruise Tickets – Weekly Cruises:

Our NYC weekly cruises go out all week long and leave at various times throughout the day/night. These weekly cruises give you exactly what you need to distract yourself from a not so pleasant week or to just get a little fun escape! Bring the family or grab a couple of friends and make your New York Cruise Tickets purchase today! Give yourself the opportunity to share a wonderful time in NYC that you won’t find anywhere else. No matter the day or time that you’re on one of our cruises, you are going to enjoy an amazing experience.

We will provide for you a live DJ playing the top music of the year throughout the night. To make sure that you really enjoy the music being played, there will be a bar on board. Order up as many drinks as you like by purchasing an open bar package and make sure you take a look at the city from the outside deck of your cruise. Once you’re outside, you’re going to catch views of the city that you’ve never seen! Our cruises are not just a great night out, but also a complete experience on its own.

New York Cruise Tickets – Special Events & Holiday:

While we do provide amazing weekly cruises, New York Cruise Tickets also offers you great holiday cruises. This year allow yourself to celebrate one of the holidays aboard one of our cruises. Whether you want to ring in the New Year by toasting your glasses out at sea or watch the Fourth of July fireworks from the closest viewpoint you can get, we have something for you. We even offer special Halloween cruises as well that are going to take this year’s costume party to the next level. Celebrating the holidays with us is a great choice to make, we are going to make sure that you have the best time ever and enjoy an unforgettable celebration!

Our holiday cruises will give you almost the same experience as our weekly cruises. On one of our holiday cruises, you will still enjoy your night aboard a spacious and beautifully built cruise with a live DJ and bar on board. We do, however on some cruises, offer you the option of full dinner buffet packages and open bar packages as well to make you feel as if you’re enjoying your holiday at a close relative’s house! No matter the cruise that you decide to book with us, you are going to be treated to a wonderful night out. New York Cruise Tickets is here to help you cruise around NYC in style and comfort!

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